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Priest-in-Charge's Pastoral Letter:

3rd December 2021 - COVID Traffic Light System Response

3rd November 2021 - Parish News

17th September 2021 - Pastoral Letter RE services in level-2

7th September 2021 - Alert Level 2 Update

27th August 2021 - Pastoral Letter RE Covid Level Changes

24th August 2021 - Covid Update

19th August 2021 - Covid Update

17th August 2021 - Covid Alert Level 4 Notice



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Summary of TLG Minutes 30.6.22

Present: Alistair Davis (Diocesan Advisor), Jeremy Glasier (Warden), Sue Wells (Warden), Sarah Judd, Margaret Thompson, Jason Groube.

  • Alistair introduced himself
  • The meeting opened with devotions
  • Roles, Responsibilities and Authorities of the TLG were outlined and discussed
  • The state of the Parish was discussed.
  • The process with the Bishop’s interventions and progress so far was outlined and clarified.
  • The minutes of the previous vestry meeting held on 12.5.22 as amended by Alistair were confirmed (Sue/Jerry – carried)

-          Summary to be made and published.

-          Likewise summaries of TLG minutes to be made available on the website and through the office.

  • Discussion re quorum (needs to be 4) and new members for TLG
  • Necessary papers for new vestry were signed
  • Appointments were made for:-

-          Chairperson – Jeremy Glasier
-          Secretary – Sarah Judd
-          Treasurer – Jason Groube
-          Synod Lay Rep – Margaret Thompson
-          Nominators (to be confirmed)

-          Parish signatories – Current: Caro MacArthur, Sue Wells, Dianne Hartley, Margaret Thompson; to be removed: Lesley Leary, Ray Sisley; to be added: Jason Groube,                   Fiona Moorhouse. Jason is to organise this. A process of entry of payments and transactions and authorisation of these is to set up by the Finance Committee. All                         transactions must be authorised by two signatories.

  • Re-signing of Clergy and Lay Memorandums of Understanding was discussed

Delegated Authorities of the TLG

  • Worship – all authority for decisions pertaining to worship in the Parish rests with the TLG, as appointed by the Bishop of Wellington
  • Financial Authorities:

-          Role and parameters of the Finance Committee were discussed. They are to rewrite their Terms of Reference, and put in place Standard Operating Procedures to
           streamline financial operations. These will be approved by the TLG.

-          Spending authorities were delegated to the Parish Administrator for Property Repairs and Maintenance, and to the wardens for urgent needs. Both have limits set on their

-          Use of Welfare Account and Credit Card authority is given to TLG until a new Priest-in-Charge or Vicar is appointed.

Appointment of Subcommittees of the TLG

  • Health & Safety officer – one name approved unanimously – to be approached for confirmation.
  • Finance Team appointed unanimously – Jason Groube, Caro MacArthur and Fiona Moorhouse.
  • Property Maintenance Team approved unanimously – Dianne Hartley (Parish Administrator), two others yet to be confirmed, and either of the wardens.

Current and future worship in the Parish

  • Roster has just been finalised and will be sent out
  • St Andrew’s, Bulls, now to have only one service a month on 2nd Sunday
  • Back-up priest for 10am services will be lay leadership.
  • Back-up priest for 8am services will be Graham Conlon or non-stipendiary priests.

Other business:

  • Book sale – request for budget for advertising and storage space - budget was agreed to, and agreement to find storage space in the hall was made.
  • Leadership contact list needs updating

Date for Next meeting  - 14 July 2022, 7.30pm

Hoped to get Ven. Stuart Goodin for meeting 28/7/22 to begin healing and reconciliation work in the Parish.

Closed with devotions.






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