Rangitikei Anglican Parish - Our Vision

Our Vision

is to be a Church that is; 
"Moving forward together as a diverse community;
loving, serving and proclaiming Jesus in the Rangitikei."


Our Values:

John 17:20-21 | Ephesians 2:19-22

Jesus desired that all his followers be one church, one body, one people – united in our worship of and service to God. Part of the witness of the Church is through its unity with one another and with God. We desire to be unity in God as people, as churches, parish, diocese, and with the global church. In a country full of division and isolation, people need the united church – a true worshipping community – to show them a better alternative they can be a part of.

Mark 3:31-35 | Romans 8:14-17

An extension of our unity in God is being family of God; a family which we believe is deeper, stronger, and more permanent than our earthly families. Christian whanau is a community that loves God, each other, and the hurting world – it’s a family where all are welcomed into the love of God which we ourselves have been welcomed into. In a country full of family breakdown, people need the family of God to nurture and challenge them.

Matthew 28:16-20 | Romans 12:1-8

As Gods family, we are called to his way of life – the costly way of the cross.  We desire to be a united family sharing a life of constant learning, pruning, and growing in holiness. Discipleship is not for the elite – it is the way of Jesus, and all are invited to walk it. We walk with Jesus, inviting others to walk with us, discipling them as we are being discipled. We believe Jesus calls his people to live this life visibly as witnesses to his good news of God’s coming Kingdom.

Luke 22:24-27 | John 13:12-17 | Matthew 25:31-41

The life of a Christian community of disciples is one of self-giving love. Just as Jesus gave his life for us out of love, we desire to be a community who lives for the service of others – regardless of race, culture, age, status, or circumstance. We worship God together, we share life together, we learn the way of Jesus together, and we share all that we have received from God together. In communities of extreme need, we desire to share all that we have so that others can have life in all its fullness.

 Our Goals

Jesus came proclaiming the Good News that God’s Kingdom has come near. We continue that proclamation
in word and deed; and have set these goals to help us minister and serve in the way modelled by Jesus.

      1. We aim to welcome into our whanau, accept and value everyone as a person created by God.
      2. We aim work together to know and serve our communities, meeting their needs.
      3. We will break barriers of isolation and stigma, offering fullness of life and hope in God’s Kingdom, standing with all those who feel outcast.
      4. We will connect people with Jesus Christ through diverse expressions of worship and ministry.
      5. We will provide opportunities for people to learn and grow in their faith in Jesus


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Building families that love, worship and proclaim God.

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